New book by Sergey Baranov

The Mescaline Confession

Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion

by Sergey Baranov

Sergey Baranov follows his powerful first book, Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies, with an unflinching examination of the sicknesses that lie at the heart of Western culture and makes an unshakable case that the ancient shamanic traditions of the world are our one best hope for survival. Grounded in a decade of ongoing experience working in Peru with the Huachuma cactus, also known as San Pedro, Baranov recounts his own story of personal transformation and healing the medicine brought to him and his clients at Huachuma Wasi, a spiritual retreat center he has created in the Sacred Valley. A book for anyone who feels trapped by the competing ideologies of religion, science, and consumerism, The Mescaline Confession offers a sensible, honest, and loving way to find the path to healing, self-knowledge, and ecstasy in your life.

Sergey Branov's Mescaline Confession is a thought-provoking, heartfelt, informative and above all important book. Highly recommended to anyone who feels that things are not as they should be in the world today.

- Graham Hancock

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We seem to be in a period of psychedelic renaissance.  This renewed interest is finding expression in new research studies on potential medical applications, legalization of marijuana in many areas of the U.S., and waves of new spiritual seekers traveling to Peru and other Central and South American locales to explore indigenous practices for opening the inner eye.  This latter group will find no better guide than the new 2018 book by Sergey Baranov, The Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through The Walls of Delusion.  Baranov is no newcomer to this project.  He’s spent his life searching among the various wisdom traditions for whatever they could teach him.  It is the plant medicines and the traditional practices and ceremonies around their use  that have spoken most powerfully to him.  This journey has led not only to the book  but also to the seemingly miraculous developments in his life of a Peruvian wife and life partner, two young daughters, and a home/retreat center in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Baranov assiduously avoids setting himself up as a guru or shaman, instead opting to openhandedly make available to other seekers what he’s learned about plant medicines and the rituals and practices that honor them.  He shares these in his book and also in his Peruvian retreat center where he assures us one can find not only legal freedom but also a safe set and setting.

- David Van Nuys PhD
  Emeritus Professor of Psychology
  Creator/Host of The Shrink Rap Radio podcast



Seeking Truth in a World of Lies

by Sergey Baranov

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The unique story of an ordinary man, whose search for truth and meaning in life ultimately led the author to find himself – a place from which true life begins. Born in the USSR, he moves around the world in search of his path. The study of Eastern philosophy eventually leads him to the sacred plant-teachers that are still used today by shamans of South and North America. Plunging into these spiritual practices of the ancient world, the author goes through a process of deep personal transformation that results in a way of life, which may or may not have been ordained by his fate. PATH is a book that will be of interest to any spiritual seeker who seeks honesty above all else.

"Highly recommended."
   - Graham Hancock

"The story of one man’s search for truth and the path that ultimately led him to find himself. This is a remarkable book."
   - Max Igan

"I was looking for a genuine read, and I found something better."
   - Ben Stewart

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(For the Conscious Commuter)

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Write Your Zen

In 30 Days

by Sergey Baranov


Write Your Zen is a workbook for you to complete. This book is a self-filled container, the contents of which can help you to better understand your self. Zen is what I do, not what I believe in. What do you believe in?

Download the file, print the pages and begin writing.
A book of a thousand words begins from a thought.

Zen is not only a sound of Buddhist bells, it is a flavor of truth which you can taste with your mind.

Download once, use for life.


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