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Our retreat center consists of two big houses, each having private rooms for our guests. We have a good Wi-Fi connection, hot showers, comfortable beds and a lovely garden to help you to relax, enjoy and think creatively.

Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Andes, this is an ideal place to learn and integrate the Huachuma experience during your stay.

We are located within a 10 to 15 minute walk to the local market and the main square where you will find restaurants. You can have a delicious meal for under $5. A bus terminal is within same distance. If you decide to spend a day in Cusco, which is 50 minutes away, you can do easily by taking a colectivo which is a shared car or bus ride. In Calca, you can use a tuktuk or a mototaxi, which are available from 5am to 10pm every day of the week and cost under $1 anywhere around Calca, if you prefer this to walking.

Since you are already here, we recommend you visit Machu Picchu, a magnificent archeological site that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. You can do it in one day, and we can help you to make all arrangements.

We don’t provide food for guests who come to work with Huachuma. There is no requirement to sustain a diet, therefore, you are free to eat whatever you want anywhere you like. Usually our guests buy fresh from the local market and make nice meals at home. Our place is fully equipped for this. We encourage interaction with the local population, which is completely safe. You can stay with us for as long as you like. Airport pickups from Cusco can be arranged as well. 

​Currently we have a small but growing library for our guests to enjoy good reading on the days off between ceremonies. If you have used books that you have read and enjoyed and would like to share with others, you are welcome to donate them to our library.

For those who wish to exercise on days off, there are many hiking trails nearby and a nice gym in town which costs $2 per day.

Sergey is available for talks during and between ceremonies. We do all we can to make you feel safe and supported.

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