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What Is Huachuma Medicine?

Quantum Plant Alchemist Davyd Farrell interviews Sergey Baranov, his life journey from childhood in Soviet Ukraine, to Israel, the US, Mexico and then Peru - How his journey first introduced him to Grandfather Peyote as his spiritual path began - The differences between Peyote and Huachuma (San Pedro) - What are the experiences one can have with Huachuma - Why its such an important plant for these times with its heart medicine

Good Vibrations Podcast

Delusion, shamanism, psychedelics, drugs, mind control, cultural madness and the way forward as humanity.

Change Truth Podcast

Scientific Dogma & The Psychedelic Individual

The Elemental Lifestyle Podcast

A Shamanic Perspective on Cults and Depression

Harmoniepsy TV Interview

Walking the Shamanic Path with Sergey Baranov & the Huachuma Cactus

Change Truth Podcast

Psychedelic Spirituality, Shamanism and the Way Forward

Shrink Rap Radio

Sergey Baranov On His Shamanic Path

Psychedelic Salon 2.0

The Sacred Cactus

Waking Infinity

The Path by Sergey Baranov

Waking Infinity is a series of short documentaries made by Ben Joseph Stewart, creator of Kymatica, Esoteric Agenda and Ungrip, films that reached millions of people worldwide. While traveling in Peru, Ben, Max Igan and few other friends, make a journey to the Andes, where they meet with Sergey Baranov. This documentary is the result of their meeting. It was spontaneously filmed during the Huachuma ceremony and between. You can follow Ben’s work here.

The above video is a preview, please Click Here to watch the full film.

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