What Is Finding Your Path?

If seeking truth and meaning in life was the driving force behind your spiritual search, then you may feel a long-waited peace upon your first contact with Huachuma. A sense of a magical yet familiar world, which we experienced in our early childhood, becomes within reach again. Unfortunately, that gentle, pure, beautiful and vulnerable self is subject to many influences as we grow up. Each of these influences claim part of the Self. By the time we reach maturity, the only part of the self that remains is the memory of what it once was.

The point of the work we do using sacred Huachuma is to reconnect with that Self to bring it to the surface. By building this bridge we are connecting to the source of our happiness, which so often is cut off as we grow up. This is the healing we should be searching for. How can you be happy if you don't know who you are? After truly experiencing yourself you realize that to search beyond the point of pure self-awareness is irrelevant. From this place the self can only gaze upon the mystery.

If self-realization on an emotional level is the feeling of being you, then on an intellectual level it is the expression of your own unique creativity. This divine expression of our humanity can manifest in many forms.

Huachuma Wasi is a place where your path can be seen. However, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Neither self-realization nor finding your path may happen completely in a few weeks, but the first steps can be taken here.

Why Are We Drinking Huachuma?

The point of this work is to help you get in touch with yourself, and find healing and clarity by unifying body, mind and spirit. Our retreats are a combination of spiritual adventure and deep personal work through self-reflection and contemplation. Shamanism is a method of communing with nature. When we take the medicine in nature, we allow our Self to be readjusted to the natural pulse of life, as opposed to the ever-increasing pace of technological society. This readjustment brings equilibrium, which in itself contains tremendous potential for healing. This type of experience can have a positive effect on your physiology and psychology, allowing you to improve the quality of your life. Of course, there is no guarantee that your life will change in a couple weeks. But if you are able to open your heart and mind and receive what can be given with sincerity and trust, this experience can become a new reference point in your life, a new horizon from which you will be able to see clearer and further. 

We provide a safe and supportive platform under Sergey’s guidance, which can help you to move through the experience in the most beneficial way. It is important to come with an intention, which serves as a compass throughout the experience.

If you go to the market without knowing what you want to buy, you could spend the whole day and leave with empty hands or with bags full of things you don’t even need. Knowing what you want and where to get it can save you valuable time and resources. Huachuma Wasi is a place for sincere and mature spiritual seekers who are tired of words about Awakening and are ready to embrace a direct spiritual experience to actually feel awake. It is true that you embrace this experience in pursuit of personal goals, but we also believe that the change you want to see in the world starts with changing yourself. If you resonate with this brief description of the work we do, then the question of price should be your last.

How Are Ceremonies Conducted?

We do ceremonies in the daylight, usually starting at 10am, until 6pm. We take the medicine and share the day in silence and contemplation, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the magnificent Andes. You can listen to music, which may facilitate a heart opening experience; however, we have found silence and the sounds of nature to be fertile ground for the seeds of self-reflection and understanding to sprout. It may be useful to have an ear plugs on the plane. This can help you sleep. But plugging your ears from the sounds of nature may prevent you from hearing the music of life. You didn't take a plane to Peru to stay where you are. You took a plane to BE here.

We also use spontaneous, private conversations to facilitate the process of healing and understanding. We believe that a mutual communication and exchange of ideas is more effective and helpful than a traditional teacher-student relationship, in which the former always keeps a higher ground while the latter maintains an inferior status.

Charged with beauty, love and peace, we return to Huachuma Wasi for the closing of the ceremony. Afterwards everyone is free to do whatever they want. Usually, our guests stay together throughout the evening, cooking meals and sitting by the fireplace, sharing and talking.

We do ceremonies every other day of the week and we are open all year round. The days between the ceremonies are free and can be used as you like. Some people like to stay home, rest, read or write in the garden. Others like to hike or go sightseeing. The days in between the ceremonies are an integration time that allows for any activity to take place.

Photos From Our Ceremonies

We do not require any food restriction for the work with Huachuma medicine. Your diet is your personal choice. Your intention and sincerity that you bring to the medicine is more important than the food in your stomach. However, on ceremony days we do not eat breakfast and take the medicine on an empty stomach. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the medicine and alleviates any unpleasant effects that may occur at the beginning of the ceremony. At night, after the ceremony, you are free to eat whatever you want.

We don't require sexual abstinence before, during or after retreats. Sexuality is a part of our human experience, which should be embraced, not denied.

We also recommend reading both of Sergey's books. This can help you to decide whether or not you are prepared for the work we do. If you resonate with the written content, that means you are ready to take the next step.

We do ask for an honest introduction of yourself from which we would expect to learn about your intention, problems and questions you would like to resolve. Your medical and psychiatric history must be honestly disclosed, along with drug and medication use, if any. This will help us in our evaluation to ensure safety for all. We reserve the right to refuse any inquiry without further explanation.

The focus of our work is to help our guests to reconnect to themselves and nature, the connections which, for most people, have been severed by the modern lifestyle. Reestablishing these links often leads to healing and happiness. Through this work, guests often find clarity and inner peace in their lives.

Our time spent together with the medicine is a valuable interaction which often yields healing and understanding. Take a spiritual vacation from the mundane and profane, to find what is special and sacred. Although even one ceremony can have a positive impact on your life, giving yourself more time and respecting the process is more beneficial. Each new ceremony is a continuation of the previous one and builds towards healing and expansion of consciousness.

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