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Huachuma Wasi




0pen from March 7th through January 7th 

Our Mission

We provide a safe space to work with sacred plant teachers traditionally.


It is a rare privilege to be able to grasp a direct spiritual experience, a knowledge so exclusive that it cannot be fully captured in words. This Knowledge, this Feeling, can only be truly understood through personal, embodied experience. No matter how articulate a description may be, it can never fully encapsulate the essence of a higher consciousness and the intuitive knowing.

This is why I never pursued anthropology as a career, even though this would be the closest academic discipline to my liking. Since childhood, I have been fascinated with Indigenous cultures, and I wanted to explore and be with them rather than study them in university. I knew that no amount of class hours could teach me about the life lived by people centered in Nature and connected to Spirit. Intuition and extrasensory perception would never fit into a classroom. They are more extensive and much more accurate. 


My shamanic path began with a profound expirience. In 2005, I drank Ayahuasca and Huachuma, the San Pedro cactus, in Iquitos, Peru, under the guidance of Don Howard, R.I.P., my first true teacher and a brother in Spirit. Finally, after a lifelong spiritual search, I was fortunate to be found worthy of an ancient shamanic tradition and allowed to walk this sacred path. After working with Howard for three years, I moved to Peru in April 2009 to serve Huachuma and continue independently. 

On this path, I met my wife Mercedes, a native of Cusco, with whom we built Huachuma Wasi, which is our retreat center and our home, where my family and I live. It has open doors for spiritual seekers and those seeking healing. 


UNPLUGGED Psychedelics, Farming and Crypto the Three Pillars of Freedom

Join our San Pedro ceremony to release traumas and pain from the past and transform fear into love, confusion into clarity, and weakness into strength. Mother Nature is the Greatest Healer!

                                -Sergey Baranov

Looking into nearly every spiritual teaching, I realized that even though some guidance and wisdom can be found elsewhere, none of them could provide a satisfactory level of experience in which I could find my realizations rather than being told what to believe. Feeling resonance with Zen Buddhism and Sufism, I felt that a way must be found to unlock ancient wisdom wrapped in poetry and scriptures. The knowledge that was transmitted from person to person was somewhat limited. What I was seeking was direct access to spiritual truth. I only found preachers everywhere I looked, none of whom I felt had enough depth and wisdom to resonate with me entirely. It all felt superficial at best. The closest I came to that which I was seeking was through my psychedelic experiences, long before I came across sacred plants. 

Looking back, I see how I was preparing for a future infused with the wisdom of plant teachers. By bypassing unnecessary information that would only clutter my mind if I followed an academic path, I chose to dive directly into the world of Spirit when the time was right. This journey has been a testament to personal growth and transformation, inspiring hope and courage in those who seek a similar path.

My life was saved on numerous occasions. Being young, adventurous, and curious, I was teasing death prematurely. I made my guardian spirits work too hard. But apart from the obvious physical dangers, I now understand a more subtle level of protection, which I interpret as being saved from taking the wrong path in life by embracing an ideology that may have proven deadly to my Spirit.

Many, including myself, write beautifully about the shamanic experience. While this can be a wonderful introduction to the subject, it's never the same as having an experience yourself. When it comes to consciousness and spirituality, it's crucial not to mistake the map for the territory. The words will be transcended into an embodied experience, which you can have here with the medicine, emphasizing the necessity of your own spiritual journey. 

It is with the deepest gratitude that I express my thanks to the invisible forces in my life. They have protected and guided me, allowing me to find my path and walk it with heart. The sacred plant healers and teachers have proven to be worthy of my dedication, commitment, and love, deepening the spiritual connection and resonating with the core of my being.

Huachuma Wasi March 2023.jpg

Awakening is no longer a privilege for the few.

It is a necessity for many. 

As our world is sinking into chaos and many are losing their minds, we are using Nature and Huachuma medicine as a protective shield against fear and insanity. The time is fast approaching when sanity will become rarer than diamonds, and surely more precious. In 2021, where fear is dominating the collective mindset, Nature is the key to reclaiming your freedom and power. Our message is simple: Nature is the cure that is hidden in plain view. Use it wisely and get well.


In essence, any day of the week, month, and year presents an equal opportunity to live consciously, fully aware, and engaged with the gift of life. Any moment is a gateway to presence and wisdom. But for most people, this is only true in theory - and in today's world, it's even more difficult than ever. In practice, living under the daily pressure of the modern world and uncertainty, no time is left for anything but getting some rest so you can start a marathon again tomorrow. Life, which is an incredible miracle, has become only about survival, and a burden for so many. The joy has gone. This depressing reality has created a marketplace for so-called spiritual teachers and healers who claim to have a cure.


Plant-teachers are the gateway to the world of Spirit. Plant medicine is a tool that can easily bypass words, concepts, and belief systems - all of which, at best, can serve as road signs and, at worst, as roadblocks. This is why sacred plants are feared and have been suppressed. They democratize consciousness and allow for a direct spiritual connection to the Divine. They open up your doors of perception and allow you to see yourself and the Universe with fresh and unbiased eyes. In this wordless space, you can find an abundance of healing energy that is as full of insights as the ocean is full of fish. This ocean is neutral water where you can fish with your mind all you want. No one owns it. Dare to enter and claim your place in the Cosmos.


Working with both Ayahuasca and Huachuma is beneficial. Each plant teacher does its own work and provides different angles through which you can see yourself and find healing. They both can lead you to equilibrium and unity which results in inner peace and well-being. Clarity is a direct path to healing and change.


Do not wait until you find the time. You may never find it. Make the time and do the things you want to do. The 21st year of the 21st century will be a continuation of 2020, with more surprises to unfold. The challenges will not lessen, and travel restrictions might still be in place. When the window of opportunity is open - take it. This window is not static, and you don't know when will it present itself again. 

San Pedro ceremony checkmates fear. It makes you immune to the ongoing worldly madness.

San Pedro ceremony is a gateway to sanity

A light beam is seen in Huachuma garden
San Pedro cactus blooming
Huachami Wasi

                         SAN PEDRO CEREMONY

Walk through The Portal

Plant medicine shamanism is for sincere and mature people who understand the value of a direct spiritual experience. We offer powerful, heart-touching Huachuma (San Pedro) and Ayahuasca ceremonies under professional shamanic guidance in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Our time spent together on the medicine is a valuable interaction that often yields healing and understanding. Each new San Pedro ceremony is a continuation of the previous one, building towards healing and expansion of consciousness. Although even one ceremony can have a positive impact on your life, giving yourself more time and respecting the process is more beneficial.

Take a spiritual vacation from the mundane and profane to find what is special and sacred!


Life feels better when you are awake.

                            Veterans are welcome.
                   You need this medicine the most. 

San Pedro cactus is only bitter when you drink it.
The rest is sweet.
Ayahuasca Retreats

Under the expert guidance of our local curandero Don Juan, Huachuma Wasi offers Ayahuasca ceremonies exclusively to our guests at our center in the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. This is an excellent opportunity to connect to the ancient medicine tradition of the rainforest and experience the profound synergy between the two great teaching plants of South American shamanism, Ayahuasca, and Huachuma, also known as San Pedro.

Ayahuasca ceremony



Located in Calca, the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, our retreat center consists of two big houses, each having private rooms for our guests. We have a good Wi-Fi connection, hot showers, comfortable beds and a lovely garden to make you feel at home. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Andes, the Huachuma Wasi is an inspiring, comfortable place to relax, enjoy and think creatively. This is an ideal place to learn and integrate the huachuma experience during your stay.

About Huachuma Wasi

About Huachuma Wasi


Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, a shamanic healing center in the Sacred Valley, which is open all year round to receive guests and spiritual seekers. Sergey’s work with Huachuma is an intimate and personal encounter with an ancient stream of healing energies as opposed to mass-market “mystical’’ tourism.

Sergey’s spiritual path has become his means of livelihood. By doing what he loves he introduces people to an ancient healing sacrament, that grows naturally in the high Andean environment in which he has made his home.

Cactus of Sanity book cover updated.jpg
The Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion


Sergey Baranov is the author of five books: 

PATH: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies. 

The Mescaline Confession: Breaking through the Walls of Delusion

The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos,

Dancing in Hell with Eyes Wide Open: How to Survive the New World Order. 

UNPLUGGED: Psychedelics, Farming, and Crypto the Three Pillars of Freedom, published on April 15th, 2024, and is available on Amazon

All of Sergey’s books are the result of a lifelong spiritual search and nearly two decades of ongoing shamanic practice.

PATH: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies video

The Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion video

The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos video

Dancing in Hell with Eyes Wide Open video

Unplugged: Psychedelics, Farming, and Crypto the Three Pillars of Freedom  video


spiritual guidance

Are you ready to step beyond the words and concepts, into the world of a direct spiritual experience?

Then let us hear from you!

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