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Articles for Wake Up World


Psycho-spiritual Immunity in the Era of Mass Psychosis


Psychedelics in the COVID Era: Yes, We Can

Ayahuasca: Reigniting the Fire Within

Your Healing and Wellbeing Are Your Responsibility: What Are You Waiting For?


Your Most Important Investment in Life is Not Your House


Stop Waiting for the Shift, Make the Shift

Plant Medicine is Your Ticket to the Real World

Psychological Immunity During The Time of COVID


Plant Medicine vs COVID Anxiety


Why Huachuma (San Pedro) in 2021?

The 21st year of the 21st Century: A Year of Chaos and Great Awakening

Psychedelic Therapy and the Democratization of Psychoactive Experience

Huachuma: The Unforgettable Mystery

2020: A Year of Chaos and Great Opportunities

The Convenience of a City is Inconvenient to Your Soul

The Essence of Huachuma Cactus

Huachuma Cactus vs. Techno-idolatry

Eating Cadavers in the Name of Science

Is Cannibalism the Solution to Food Sustainability in the Future?

Climate Solutions are Obvious – But Profit and Politics Stand in the Way

A Shamanic Bridge to a Better Future

What Is Shamanic Healing?

Consciousness in Exile: A Shamanic Perspective


A.I. and the Synthetic Reality – a Shamanic Perspective

Psychedelic Spirituality

Living In A Dying World

Why Consciousness Expanding Plants Are Feared And Deemed Illegal


Government is Not Your Friend – it’s Your Employee

From RoboCop to RoboBees – Is This The World You Want To See?

What Will It Take To Bring About Real Change?

Why Parents and Scientists – Not Bill Gates – Must Have the Final Say on Vaccine Safety

Amerika: From Freedom to Fascism in Just a Decade

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