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The Mescaline Confession E-Book

The Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion


Sergey Baranov follows his powerful first book, Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies, with an unflinching examination of the sicknesses that lie at the heart of Western culture and makes an unshakable case that the ancient shamanic traditions of the world are our one best hope for survival. Grounded in a decade of ongoing experience working in Peru with the Huachuma cactus, also known as San Pedro, Baranov recounts his own story of personal transformation and healing the medicine brought to him and his clients at Huachuma Wasi, a spiritual retreat center he has created in the Sacred Valley. A book for anyone who feels trapped by the competing ideologies of religion, science, and consumerism, The Mescaline Confession offers a sensible, honest, and loving way to find the path to healing, self-knowledge, and ecstasy in your life.

The Mescaline Confession E-Book

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