Huachuma Jewelry

We craft custom-made amulets which capture the energy of Huachuma medicine through beautiful handmade jewelry.


Whether you want to bring home a piece of your experience or connect with the sacred cactus from afar, Huachuma jewelry is a unique piece of conscious art to have with you.


 Our jewelry is handmade with silver and semi-precious stones.

Before purchasing, please contact us to ensure availability of your item.

burned silver.JPG

 Burned Silver Huachuma Necklace with Opal Flowers

9.34 grams silver 


green 3 pieces.JPG

Turquoise 3-Piece Set Huachuma
Necklace and Earrings 

13.82 grams silver and turquoise


green solo.JPG

Turquoise Huachuma Necklace

9.24 grams silver and turquoise



 Silver Huachuma Necklace with Opal Flowers

9.94 grams silver