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2020 Ayahuasca & Huachuma Vision Quest

A day lived without love is a wasted day. But is it different to live without a Vision?


In essence, any day of the week, month and year presents an equal opportunity to live consciously, fully aware and engaged with the gift of life. Any moment is a gateway to presence and wisdom. But for most people, this is only true in theory. In practice, living under the daily pressure of the modern world, no time is left for anything but getting some rest so you can start a marathon again tomorrow. Life, which is an incredible miracle, has become survival and a burden for so many. This depressing reality has created a marketplace for so-called spiritual teachers and healers, who claim to have a cure.


It was never enough for me.


I found my salvation within myself, a place deeply hidden inside. A place that I have reached with the help of sacred plant teachers. True teaching is wordless. It is an experience. Both Ayahuasca and Huachuma have served me well on my path. In the same way they have served, and keep on serving, many others well.


Plant-teachers are the gateway to the world of Spirit. Plant medicine is a tool that can easily bypass words, concepts and belief systems - all of which, at best, can serve as road signs and, at worse, as gatekeepers. This is why sacred plants are feared and have been suppressed. They democratize consciousness and allow for a direct spiritual connection to Divine. They open up your doors of perception and allow you to stare at yourself and the Universe with fresh and unbiased eyes. In this wordless space you can find an abundance of healing energy that is as full of insights as the ocean is full of fish. This ocean is a neutral water where you can fish with your mind all you want. No one owns it. Dare to enter and claim your place in the Cosmos.

Working with both Ayahuasca and Huachuma opens your mind and heart consciousness and connects the two to work in balance. This is a state of being where you start to live above contradictions, where mind follows the heart and heart supports the mind. This inner unity results in peace, clarity and well-being. 

Although healing and finding your purpose in life are desirable, they are only a starting points on an infinite path of an inner exploration. Do not wait until you find the time to do the things you want or need for yourself. You may never find it. Make the time for yourself. 2020 can be an important year for you if you see it as an opportunity to move beyond your limits. 2020 is a term used to express visual acuity. In a spiritual sense, 2020 can mean the clarity and sharpness of your inner vision.

If you ever thought about coming to Peru to work with plant medicine and find the answers you were seeking, perhaps it is time. Clarity is a direct path to healing and change.

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